Easy snacks you can actually stomach during your first trimester

If you’re looking for healthy snacks for pregnancy, here are some ideas to consider

By Angela Chavez




Pregnancy is an exciting and unique journey. Every child is different, and you can notice that even while they’re still in the womb. Even if this isn’t your first pregnancy, it’s a brand new experience each time.

While all stages of pregnancy are crucial, the first trimester is considered the most important because it’s when your baby develops its body structure and organ systems. For most pregnant people, this is also the part where they experience intense hunger pangs and morning sickness.

If you’re looking for healthy snacks for pregnancy, here are some ideas to consider:

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are the best snacks for you and your developing baby. They’re delicious and full of nutrients. Apples, grapes, and oranges are great options. Of course, you can choose any type of fruit you want. Just make sure not to eat too much at a time, or you might experience heartburn.


Yogurt is another healthy snack to consider. Its tangy flavor can combat nausea. However, it can also lead to heartburn, so you should still be mindful of the amount you consume. You can eat plain yogurt or add fresh fruits and granola to make a parfait.

Chips and Crackers

Something salty, like chips and crackers, can help you deal with nausea. You can pair them with guacamole to add some protein to your snack. Be mindful of your sodium consumption, though, since you might have problems with your blood pressure in the later months. Look for chips with less than 100 mg of sodium for every one-ounce serving. Opt for organic chips and crackers as well for more nutrients.


Popcorn is a substantial snack that can keep you full before mealtime. Its high fiber content can help relieve constipation that may arise from taking your prenatal vitamins. It’s also pretty versatile; you can season it with salt if you want to eat something savory or drizzle it with some caramel to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Hard-boiled eggs are filling yet quick and easy to prepare. Just place one or two eggs in a pot and boil them to the doneness you want. Scrambled eggs can also keep your hunger at bay. You can pair them with bread or crackers to whip up a snack that hits the right spot.

You have a lot on your mind during the first trimester… your snacks shouldn’t have to be one of them. If you keep your pantry and fridge stocked up with light foods that are full of nutrients for you and your growing baby, you won’t have to think twice about what to grab! Try keeping these snacks on hand to keep yourself going through the first trimester.

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