Everybody clean up! Age appropriate chores for children ages 4 to 12

Many families have a habit of doing chores.

By Angela Chavez



Many families have a habit of doing chores. Chores teach children what they need to know about caring for themselves, a home, and a family. They gain knowledge and skills that they can apply in their adult lives. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, children who do chores may have stronger self-esteem, be more responsible, and are more able to deal with frustration, hardship, and delayed satisfaction. These abilities can help them succeed in school, in their career, and in relationships.
Here are some fantastic chores for kids of different ages:

Chores for Kids Ages 4 to 6

Because they’re still so young, kids ages 4 to 6 have a drive to help their parents. At this age, your children can perform some duties with supervision and start to learn the abilities needed to do tasks without supervision. At this point, their hand-eye coordination, as well as their ability to follow more complex directions, should have increased. These appropriate chores account for their enhanced competence.
Here are the appropriate chores for kids ages 4 to 6:
Make their bed
Empty wastebaskets
Bring in mail or newspaper
Clear table
Pull weeds and water flowers
Unload utensils from the dishwasher
Wash plastic dishes in the sink
Match socks together
Dust with a cloth
Care for an animal’s food and water

Chores for Kids Ages 7 to 9

When a child enters primary school age, they can take on a lot more responsibility without adult supervision. Although school-aged children’s excitement for tasks may decrease, they possess other redeeming attributes that make them ideal for housework. Most school-aged youngsters have a strong desire to be self-sufficient. As they continue to develop necessary skills, they might begin learning more physically demanding or difficult tasks. Parents should be aware that when this age group obtains independence, they may begin to struggle against the idea of doing tasks. However, try to be patient and persistent in your expectations for your children to continue to assist you around the house.
Here are the appropriate chores for kids ages 7 to 9:
Load dishwasher
Sweep floor
Mop the floor
Use a hand-held vacuum for crumbs or room edges
Fold and put away laundry
Make own snacks
Set and clear table after meals
Wipe down counters and sinks
Fold and put away laundry
Rake the yard

Chores for Kids Ages 10 to 12

Without continual reminders, children that are 10 to 12 may complete a variety of chores on their own and be held accountable. You’ll have a smooth transition if you can come up with a schedule or system with some input from them. It is recommended to make a chore chart or task list, and you can hold your children accountable by checking in with them once a day to cross things off the list or chart; this teaches them self-reliance and how to be responsible for themselves when no one is looking.
In addition to those specified in the sections above for younger children, children between the ages of 10 and 12 should be able to complete the following chores:
Wash the family car
Use the washer and dryer for laundry
Take trash bins to the curb
Clean the bathroom and kitchen
Babysit younger siblings with parents at home
Prepare easy meals
Peel vegetables with supervision
Change their bedsheet
Iron clothes with supervision


Children are capable of far more than many people assume. Even toddlers can assist with the tiniest and most basic activities. Keep in mind that each child is unique, and age isn’t the only element to consider while choosing the correct chore. When choosing chores for your children, consider their maturity level, physical ability, and interests in addition to their age. By the time they reach adolescence, they will be able to manage the majority of what their parents can.

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