Five fabulous summer beauty tips for moms

Warm weather and longer days mean summer is finally on its way! It's the perfect time to spring clean your beauty routine.

By Morgan Sparks



The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. Summer is finally upon us! While many of us are gearing up to change up our routine with the kids out of school for summer, it’s also a good time to change up our beauty routine. It’s out with the heavy the products and onto a lighter, fresher regimen. Here are five essential tips to kick start your beauty routine this summer:

Don’t skip the SPF! 

SPF should be the most important step in your daily beauty routine. You want to be using at least a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 on all exposed skin. Get into a habit of making this the first step in your beauty routine and reapplying every couple of hours when you’re outdoors.


Less is More

It’s hot, sticky and humid outside! The last thing you want to do is cake on heavy foundation. Ditch the foundation for a tinted moisturizer or CC cream. Summer is also a good time to ditch the smokey eyes for a more subtle, natural look by just sticking to your favorite mascara to brighten up your eyes.


Invest in a good primer

Don’t let your makeup sweat off your face during these hot and humid summer days. Invest in a primer that will keep your makeup in place for hours, even through those sweaty outdoor adventures. You can find a variety of primers to fit all your skin type needs as well as primers specifically formulated for your eyes as well as lips.


Flaunt a bright or bold nail polish

It’s sandal season! Show off those toes with a bright or bold polish this summer. Pastel oranges and blues are really popular this season, or you could stick to a more traditional red or pink shade if that’s more your style.


Protect your hair

The sun, salt, and chlorine are all incredibly damaging to your hair, especially if it’s color treated. Not only will it dry out your hair, but it can also fade the color tremendously. Protect your hair by rinsing it with water and spraying with a generous amount of leave in conditioner before heading out to the pool or beach for the day. You can also protect your hair by wearing a hat when you plan to spend time outdoors this summer.

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