Preparing your kids for daylight savings time

Stick to your schedule!

By Morgan Sparks



Daylight Savings Time Clock

As moms, we know that changing the clocks also comes with adjusting routines for our little ones. We’ve put together a few tips to help you prepare for the time change ahead of time and get your family on track to enjoying the longer days of sunlight in no time!

Stick to your schedule!

Resist the urge to let your kids sleep in on Sunday. We knowthis one is toughto commit to. Allowing your kids to sleep in past their normal,routine wake-up will end up throwing your entire Sunday(and their internal clock)off schedule and ruin the day. ⠀

Plan ahead.

Prepare ahead of time by getting the kids to be earlier on Saturday night. This will ensure your little ones are still getting a full night sleep and avoid them being overly tired on Sunday. ⠀

Prepare for the extra light.

It’s likely that the sun will still be shining in the midst of bedtime routines, which is sure to confuse kids. Try to get their bedrooms as dark as possible by using blackout curtains or other light blockers on the windows. ⠀

Have patience!

Adjusting to daylight saving time is hard on everyone, especially kids. Be sure to pack a little extra patience for the next week or so until their bodies (and yours!) adjust to the time difference.

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