Spring cleaning tips for a happy and healthy home

It’s that time of year again!

By Morgan Sparks






It’s that time of year again! There is just something about Spring that gives us the motivation we need to de-clutter, organize, and freshen up our spaces. Whether you’re looking to do a complete overhaul of your home or just simply looking to freshen up for the season ahead, we have you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the best tips and tricks to get your house in tip top shape and keep it sparkling all year round.

  • Make a schedule and stick to it

Which rooms do you want to focus on the most? What areas of your home will take the longest? Write out a schedule so you can dedicate enough time to each room. Having a plan in writing will keep you focused on the tasks in front of you (plus it’s extra satisfying to be able to cross things off your list as you complete them!).

  • Focus on one room at a time

Some rooms, like the kitchen and bathrooms will probably take you the longest to deep clean. Make sure you tackle those rooms when you have plenty of time available so you aren’t rushed.

  • Use this time to de-clutter and organize

As you tackle each room individually, be sure to clear our junk drawers, closets, under the bed, and anywhere else you may be accumulating clutter. This is the perfect time to donate those unused items to your local shelters

  • Always work from top to bottom

It’s important to always start from the ceiling down in each room. This will knock dust and debris down to the ground ensuring your won’t have to re-dust any of your furniture. Start with the ceiling fans and move downward from there. Make sure you dust and clean all your furniture before vacuuming the floors to save you time.

  • Don’t forget about the walls

Not all dust lands on the floor. Your walls can hold onto a lot more dust and debris than you realize. Use a damp towel to wipe down your walls starting from the top and working your way downwards.

  • Deep clean the refrigerator and pantry

Now is the time to take everything out of the refrigerator and pantry, wipe down all surfaces inside, and throw out expired items. If you have canned good or other perishable items that you no longer need, donate them to a local shelter.

  • Take the time to wash and sanitize your washing machine and dishwasher

It may sound silly to clean out cleaning appliances that seemingly self-clean themselves daily, but it’s important to sanitize your dishwasher and washing machine to remove build up, soap scum, and eliminate any odors.

  • Clean all bedding, blankets, pillows and towels

You probably have a schedule in place for changing your sheets, but now is the time to take that one step further and give your comforter and pillows a good, deep clean as well. It’s also important to remember that although your guests bedding may not get used that often, they still need to be freshened up. Remember to also clean your blankets your have laying around your kids’ rooms or your living room.

  • Clean, sanitize and deodorize your mattress

Bacteria, fungi, dust mites, sweat, and urine from your kids or pets all things that can pass through your mattress covers to the inside of your mattress causing allergies and odors. Be sure to vacuum your mattress once you strip those sheets and spot treat any stains. This is also a good time to flip or rotate your mattress.

  • Wash your shower curtains and change your shower liners

Take down your shower curtains and toss them in the wash. Throw out those old, soap scum filled liners and replace with a new, fresh liners

  • Vacuum your fabric covered furniture

Your couch is probably your most used piece of furniture, so it’s important to keep it fresh and free of odors. Vacuum to remove dust, dust mites, pet hair, food crumbs, and other dirt and debris. Afterwards spot treat any stains you may see. Some couches even have removable covers that can be thrown in the washing machine.

  • Dust all ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds & appliances (Don’t forget the top of the refrigerator!)

Go in with a heavy duty duster first and then go back with a damp towel to remove all dust and debris

  • Wipe down light switches, door knobs, air vents and baseboards

These are probably the most forgotten about spots in your home. Make sure you give all your switches, door knobs, air vents and baseboards a thorough wipe down.

  • Clean your tile grout

You can use toilet bowl cleaner and a scrub brush (or a toothbrush for those smaller areas) to brighten up dingy grout.

  • Don’t forget about your front door!

Wipe down your door and either replace or give door mats a good cleaning

  • Remember to clean those small appliances like your microwave, toaster oven, air fryer, etc.

These are appliances that probably get a lot of use in your house. Take the time now to give them a thorough cleaning to remove food splatter, grease, and other stuck on grime

  • Don’t forget to clean out your air vents

Changing our your air filters routinely is one of the best ways to ensure you are breathing clean and healthy air.

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